Sunday 16th March 2025


This two hour workshop will take us on an exploration of the Nervous System, Polyvagal Theory and how the Yoga model of the Gunas supports regulation and resilience, as well as checking in with our energy bank accounts, and empowering self-care and self-compassion.

Sunday 13th April 2025


This two hour workshop will focus on all things touch, exploring the practice of Nyasa (mantra with hand placement), tapping and QiGong inspired flow, as well as working with fascia through massage, pandiculation and PNF stretching. 

Sunday 23rd June 2024 


This two hour workshop will take a deep dive into the function of the breath within the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) whilst exploring Breath Awareness vs Breath Regulation through various Pranayama practices that improve lung function and respiratory health in a nervous system friendly way.

We will be navigating physical anatomy and pain care science as well as the subtle anatomy of energy in the body including Prana, Nadi and the Chakra.

Sunday 22nd September 2024 


This two hour workshop will deepen our connection with our bodies, using Yoga Philosophy and Pain Care science to explore Proprioception, Interoception and Exteroception and their relationship with chronic illnesses and conditions, persistent pain and fatigue.

During this workshop we will be delving into how these systems are linked, their relationship with persistent pain and fatigue as well as learning techniques to improve our overall wellbeing.

Sunday 24th November 2024 


This two hour workshop will explore Self-Care and Self-Compassion, building our toolkit for nourishing wellness in body and mind. We will be identifying triggers for pain & fatigue flare ups and practice strategies to navigate these obstacles to our wellbeing. 

We will foster rest and resilience through movement, mindfulness and meditation, practicing pacing techniques and taking time to look after ourselves.