Chair Yoga


Catisfield Memorial Hall



Chair Yoga is a class for every body and includes different styles of yoga, breathing techniques and meditation to help with pain and fatigue. This class is a mixture of seated and standing poses, using the chair as a support and a prop.

The class is open to everyone and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels but this class would particularly suit those with persistent pain, fatigue and those that have long term health conditions, injuries or illnesses as well as those that may not be able to get down onto the floor, but would still like to experience the benefits of yoga.

The class helps to build balance, stability and strength in the body, including proprioception and aims to help build confidence, self-esteem and establish healthy self-care routines, providing a supportive environment and community of like-minded people.

Easy access from Titchfield, Locks Heath, Fareham and Whiteley

Plenty of free parking including accessible parking

Exclusive use of building, including beautiful outdoor area, a peaceful setting ideal for yoga