Why Choose My JuJu Yoga?

Pay As You Go classes for maximum flexibility for you and your health

Fully qualified Yoga teacher with real world experience of persistent pain and fatigue

Inclusive and fully accessible classes

Gentle movement to aid mobility and stability

Support with injury, illness and health conditions

Practical exercises to help with everyday life

Introduction to all aspects of Yoga, different styles and techniques

Deep relaxation techniques specifically for Pain and Fatigue management

Breathing techniques to help regulate the nervous system to help you in your daily life

Mindfulness and Meditation to support overall wellbeing

Supportive community of like minded people

A safe place to just be your beautiful self

Invitation to listen to your body

It is about how it feels not how it looks

Yoga is for EVERY BODY

Can I join the class even if I do not have an illness or injury?

YES! This class is suitable for everybody because you are the centre of your practice and I guide you from where you are on any given day. Class sizes are kept smaller for an individualised experience.

I have people in my class from every decade spanning from those in their twenties through to those in their late eighties. Chair classes can be done 100% seated or you can join me for some standing, there is no expectation to be able to get on the floor. Mat classes are practiced predominantly on the floor with some standing but there always chairs available.

So which ever class suits your schedule, you can feel reassured that you are in good company and that you will be cared for.

Do I need to sign up to a course or be able to come every week?

Whilst there are physical and practical advantages to attending class regularly, there is no expectation or obligation to come every week.

I understand the ebb and flow of living with persistent pain and fatigue, so I try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to booking, which is why I offer a Pay As You Go booking system.

You are always welcome as you are, so if you ever don't feel able to join in with the physical aspect of class but want to come and be part of the community and soak up the relaxation benefits, then just let me know beforehand.

Is it for me?

Not sure gentle or chair yoga is for you? Why not come and try your first class for free! Use code MJY when booking.

How do I book?

What do I need to bring?

You will need to wear comfortable clothes to move in, a bottle of water, warm layers and any other props you would like for relaxation, such as blocks, cushions, eye mask or blankets. You will need to bring a mat to both chair and mat classes*, as we use the mats to stop the chairs from slipping and provide extra grip under your feet. If you would like to borrow a mat for your free class, please let me know beforehand as I do have a few spares.

*Please note that if you book a class at the Yoga Shed, Wickham, mats and props are provided.