Come and join me for a deep dive into Pain & Fatigue Management through Movement, Breath & Meditation. Learn new techniques and explore useful strategies for every day life. We will be covering the following topics over the 3 week workshops:

Week 1 - Getting to know the Nervous System 

Week one will take us on an exploration of the Nervous System, Polyvagal Theory and how the Yoga model of the Gunas supports regulation and resilience, as well as checking in with our energy bank accounts, and empowering self-care and self-compassion.

Week 2 - Exploring the Breath 

Week two will take a deep dive into the anatomy of breathing, looking at the link between pain science and the breath before we venture into the world of prana and energy highways within the body.

Week 3 - All things Touch

Week three we will be focusing on all things touch, exploring tapping, experiencing QiGong inspired sequences, working with fascia and using carefully chosen essential oils to learn self massage techniques.

Your ticket includes: